May 272014

I saw this beauty on Pinterest recently and thought our new classroom needed it.


Photo from

I took a little different approach. I mixed and matched letter styles and painted a picture to correspond with each letter. I love the finished results.


Our school room is coming right along. Hopefully before the end of summer it will be done enough to post a picture of our finished space. I don’t think we will teach school in here but it will contain all our supplies and gives the littles somewhere to do arts and crafts while I work.

May 232014

I have looked all over the internet and next week will be attending a home-schooling conference but have come to the conclusion that the perfect whole curriculum is not out there for our family.  So I have decided to write my own. This will be a long journey and will be composed of things I use while teaching my two oldest now. I hope by the time my littles are of school age I will have finished my curriculum an have it ready for them. I also hope to make it available to other families that would like to purchase it.


This is my long term goal for home-schooling.  Wish me luck I’m going to need it.


May 202014

We built our house 8 years ago and have been living in a constant state of construction ever since. This is totally my fault, my husband just finishes a project and I have come up with the next “great idea” that I want for my house. This has included over the years a bed that hangs from the ceiling, a swing for my little’s room since winter was dreadfully long this year and now… an inside fort.  (The baby likes it.)


Our foyer was a completely open concept when the house was built. Four years in we needed more room and built a floor to give ourselves a media room. Now I have convinced my husband to build a floor above the open part of our stairs and give the kids a fort to hang out in.


It was a complete success as you can tell, he isn’t even done and they are already crowding him out.

They love it. It still needs drywall on that new wall you see, and to be painted on the inside but they kids can safely hang out in it for now.

May 162014

We have so many books, we have bookshelves built in every room yet I still find I need more room. Now do’t get me wrong I love my books but they are getting out of hand and I am always unable to find the book I want. I read A LOT I mean 2-3 fiction books a week not counting the non-fiction books I am using for research. I decided to start making a list of all our books. UGG.

So as I started to write down a list of all the books we had acquired that could be used for home-schooling. You have to start somewhere right and who knew I had almost every book on my list already.

Anyway, then I thought, “surely someone has designed an app that will make this so much easier.” I searched and found it….

Book Crawler. I love it. It is exactly what I needed and so very easy to use. I entered all the books on one of our bookshelves yesterday afternoon. My favourite part is that I can take and upload my own pictures of the book covers if I want so that the app shows the same book cover as we have, making it easier to find on the shelf.

Book Crawler is also linked to Goodreads so I can look up reviews on the books I own. Awesome.


Can you say I am one happy reading mom!!

I was not compensated by Book Crawler or Goodreads for this post. I just really liked them and wanted the world to know.




May 142014

I have started this blog no less than 40 times. Every time I get started I end up overwhelmed and quit. This time that is not an option, we have decided as a family to pull our kids from public school and school them at home. Part of that adventure is to keep a daily journal, I told the kids that I would be blogging our adventures. So I really can’t just quit (setting a bad example on day one would have untold consequences later I’m afraid). So here it is in all it’s glory.

I hope this will serve as a place my kids can go to look back and remember all the things we will experience during home-schooling.  I also hope maybe along the way I can help others who feel like they are not able to home-school or  are trying it but don’t think they are “doing it right”. I will be practising my spelling and grammar right along with my kids since I have been out of school long enough to have forgotten the rules. Forgive me during this period of learning.


This guy will be helping a lot along the way (also working too much to allow me to be able to stay home). He is my rock and I wouldn’t be the person I am today without him.

I hope that this goes as well as I have it planned out in my head but I am sure there will be ups and downs good an bad. I feel on the internet people always show the best of themselves and their families and that is great but it leads other to think less of themselves. I will try my best to post not just our successes but our failures. I hope we will always learn from them and use them to improve ourselves.

We hear we go… wish me luck.